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Our distillers are compatible with any heating source, and...

Uniquely compatible with Induction cooktops!

Unlike competition, our stills truly work with induction cooktops. How do we achieve this? The bottoms of the distillers are engineered with a magnetic layer.

Why use induction?

Easy and precise control. No open flame. Efficient.

Here is a list of accessories that our customers often ask about (valves/thermometers are included with the distillers).

Please note - we are not the seller of these items.

1. Water pump for the condenser - here.

2. Variety of 1/2 NPT valves & spigots

3. Variety of thermometers (for analog - the thread is 1/2 NPT; for digital - most cooking thermometers will fit, the digital thermometer valve is adjustable for diameter of the probe)

4. Induction cooktops - here

Yes, the 'pro' model has a 1.5in tri-clamp connection so it is modular - the top section could be switched to a column or other setup.

There are lots of resources on the internet covering distillation subject matter from all angles – Google and YouTube are probably the best places to start.  Some examples include popular channels covering distilling from many angles – George at Barley and Hops Brewing and Jesse at Still It