Moonshine Stills

Our Double-chamber design allows to keep the flavor like the pot still and achieve the effect of double distillation in a single run. The small but powerful condenser allows running speed up to 2 quarts/hour - makes your stripping run a breeze. Very compact design, food-safe stainless steel AISI 304 - easy to run and easy to clean unlike copper stills.  Every still is a complete distillation kit capable of distilling spirits as well as distilling water, vinegar, and essential oils. 

Our customers are craft distillers testing small batches prior to a bigger production run - they appreciate the ease of operation, versatility, and flavor that Speakeasy stills produce. Our customers are also outdoors/health/survival enthusiasts purifying/desalinating water, or extracting essential oils.  Our stills are also purchased for decorative purposes - cool promotion for your bar or lounge.