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Speakeasy Pro - Moonshine Still 5 Gallon Water Distiller

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What is the PRO Model -  the Classic Speakeasy Still with the following upgrades:
  • Heavier and bigger condenser, allows for distillation speed up to 3 quarts/hr
  • 1.5 inch tri-clover connection, allows for future modifications such as using a different still head, condenser or a reflux column
  • Column section that allows packing of copper mesh for extra reflux
  • Pressure valve on the boiler lid for safety
  • Drain valve on the bottom of the boiler 
  • Threaded, larger gin basket (aka "slobber box") that allows to load a cartridge

You asked - we listened.  That's how the PRO model came about.  

Speakeasy Distillers - join us!